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| image = [[File:51PoZenqYJL.jpg|thumb|301px|Deathlands 095: Moonfeast]]
| image = [[File:51PoZenqYJL.jpg|thumb|301px|Deathlands 095: Moonfeast]]
| author = [[Nick Pollotta]]
| author = [[Nick Pollotta]]
| illustrator = [[ ]]
| illustrator = [[Dave Seeley]]
| date = November 2010
| date = November 2010
| publisher =
| publisher =

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Deathlands 095: Moonfeast

Author Nick Pollotta
Illustrator Dave Seeley
Publication date November 2010
ISBN 0-373-62605-3
Publication Order
Preceded by
Doom Helix
Followed by
Downrigger Drift

Back CoverEdit

Betray the Betrayer

In the nuke-conceived birth of Deathlands, a rare breed of warrior-survivor emerged -- born into suffering, hardened by circumstance, forged by endurance and sharpened by combat. Yet in the heart of this warrior, the quest to find a place of peace beats on unrelenting.

Land of the Lost

The pristine coastal waters off San Clemente become a battleground over the island and its abandoned naval station. The rocky shores are rife with the sulfur mines that make Deathlands' richest jack -- gunpowder. To maintain hell-fought possession, a ruthless sea baron and his fleet engage rebellion from the land. On this island populated by roaming bio-wep nightmares engineered by predark whitecoats, Ryan Cawdor is caught in a war he has no intention of fighting, but has every determination to survive.






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