Normal Bear cub for comparison.


Giant Bear

Normal Bears as well as their mutant cousins could be found all over the deathlands. After skydark, their numbers steadily grew.


They were no longer than eighteen inches tall, with huge eyes and fat bellies. Their fur was exceptionally soft and pale orange in colour. Their ears are pointed and they have tiny paws.

Cuddlies were small furry creatures about the size of a cat. They have honey-gold fur, large brown eyes, and short stubby legs, and are very friendly.

A strain of cuddlies that lived in Canada, however, had mutated to become quite aggressive; these cuddlies used their nonthreatening appearance to get close to their prey, then attack by leaping at their victim and using their razor-sharp claws and teeth to slash it to death. (Chill Factor)


In Shockscape, the companions run into a gigantic grizzly bear in the Colorado mountains. It was 20 feet long and 6 feet tall at the shoulder.

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