Possible route of the Narondniki across the Bering Strait.

The Narondniki Marauders were a band of some thirty odd men and women who lived by raiding and pillaging all over eastern Russia.

They were being pursued into Alaska, by a one hundred man strong patrol, lead by a Major Zimyanin.

All the members had nicknames, some of which are: Uchitel (the Teacher); Bizabraznia (the Ugly One); Bochka (the Barrel); Krisa (the Rat); Nul (Zero); Pechal (Sorrow); Pyeka (the Baker); Stena (the Wall); Urach (the Doctor); Zmeya (the Snake).

The party lost two men to unforeseen circumstances while making their way across the Bering Strait. Four more are killed while attempting to set up a bomb that would have wiped out Ryan’s party near an ancient dam. All but four of the invading force are killed when a missile launched by J.B. destroyed the dam, washing them off to a frozen, watery death. Both Ryan's party and Major Zimyanin's forces then executed the four survivors. (Red Holocaust)

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