Baron Nathan Mandeville was the baron of the ville of Sun Crest, one of the richest villes in all of the Deathlands.

Baron Nelson Mandeville ruled over a sprawling mansion/fortress in the middle of Kansas. He was known for being an astute trader with contacts all over North America and was one of the richest men in Deathlands. He had a wide variety of collections - art, firearms, fine wines, etc.

He and his beautiful daughter, Marie Mandeville, enjoy a very unusual type of sport. They hunt down humans and hold gladiatorial games in the ville. At first Nathan welcomed the party with open arms, showing off his ville to them and taking good care of the group. But it is only a day before they discover that the baron plans to hunt them down. He was killed by Doc Tanner.

He was close to six feet in height, and was very well built, running close to fat. He had a head of white hair and a white beard. When he wore red pants and a shirt, he heavily resembled Santa Claus. (Cold Asylum)

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