An example of a supercomputer.

Operation Rat King was a super secret project, unknown even to many who had knowledge of the Totality Concept - even Doc Tanner confessed that he had heard nothing of it.

It was, in short, a project to create a bio-computer, the Moebius Mk II, a combination of mechanical and organic parts. Several humans had their brains hooked up to a supercomputer; their intellects eventually fused into a single hive mind-like construct, which ran endless simulations about a final nuclear exchange. The experiment succeeded - when Ryan and the others found the redoubt holding the Rat King, it was still working - but the computer's predictions were wildly short of reality, and the exchange was so unexpected and quick that no one could take advantage of it in any case. (Rat King)


  • In Rat King, there's a machine called the Moebius Mk II, aka the Rat King - a fusion of mechanical and biological parts formed by linking several human subjects together via a computer interface. This is named after an actual creature, the rat king, a group of rats - most often black rats - whose tails are bound together with ice or frozen dirt. Even after the ice melts, the rats' frantic attempts to free themselves only serve to knot the tails and make them more tightly bound. There are fewer than 60 specimens in existence, but it has been proven in recent years that they do occur naturally; prior to this, it was suspected they were either falsified or simply mythological.
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