Pittsburg Landing was a river landing on the west bank of the Tennessee River in Hardin County. Tennessee. It was named for "Pitts" Tucker who operated a tavern at the site in the years preceding the Civil War. It is located at latitude 35.15222 and longitude -88.32278 with an elevation of 482 feet (147 m).

The Battle of Pittsburg Landing, also known as the Battle of Shiloh, was fought here on April 6–7, 1862.


Located along the Tenner, the Companions came to a small ville called Pittsburgh landing. Here they stopped for a meal and the night, then the next morning they go to see the Shiloh battlefield, guided by a local man. When they leave, several of the locals set out before them, in hopes of ambushing the group for their weapons. But they are onto what the locals have planned and get past, taking one of the men out as payment for their treachery. (Circle Thrice)

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