Mutant terminate for comparison.

Pokies were beetles that resemble a cross between a borer beetle and a termite. They are black and 2-3 inches long; their legs are tipped with barbed spikes, and they have oversized mandibles. They fed only on human flesh, burrowing into any orifice they can find.

It is a voracious little mutant beetle that is used by Cort Strasser to aid in his ‘tender’ questioning. Physically, the beetle resembles a cross between a borer beetle and a termite. It is shiny black, and has four horned antennae, and six legs. Its labrum flap barely covers the insect's mouth, hardly concealing mandibles that seem totally out of proportion to its size, huge sickle shaped tusks, almost like horns. The little mutant beetle is a carnivore, preferring to feast on meat. Strasser used the little beetle to kill someone who ‘displeased’ him. He had the man swallow it, and the mutant ate its way right out of the mans stomach. (Pilgrimage to Hell)

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