Pyra Quadde was the ugliest woman Ryan had ever seen. She was 47 years old, 5'10", and 170 pounds, much of it muscle. She had auburn hair, black eyes, and a sallow complexion marked with boils and warts, along with a mustache and a set of false teeth made from whalebone.


Pyra Quadde was captain of the whaling ship the Salvation and one of the most evil people (man or woman) the group had ever encountered. She was the best whaler on the Maine coast - she claimed to be able to smell the whales, though whether this was mutie ability or simply skill is unknown. She was a psychopath and a sexual sadist who punished any man who disobeyed her orders by chaining them to the mast or to her bunk, raping them, then killing them. No one in the town of Claggartville dared oppose her - besides her own power, most of the men on her ship were loyal to her because of the jack they earned.

After Ryan killed her second mate in a barfight, she had him (and Donfil More by accident) shanghaied. Ryan escaped with the help of his friends and chased Quadde and her first mate to a small island, where he killed them (Dectra Chain).





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