Ricky is the youngest member of the group, at 16. He had a quick mind, however, and became fast friends with Jak. His skills have also endeared him to JB, who has taken him on as a pupil of sorts.


Ricardo "Ricky" Morales Goza was born and raised in Nuestra Senora, Puerto Rico. His father was a trader who ran a store in town; Ricky was a wild child, so his parents apprenticed him to his uncle, who was a tinkerer and armourer. He found a great aptitude for machinery and weapons, and flourished under his uncle's tutelage.

When Ricky was 16, an army of coldhearts led by El Guapo arrived in town; he wanted to conquer the island, but the leaders wouldn't pay allegiance to him, so he destroyed the town. Ricky's parents and uncle were killed, and his sister kidnapped and sold to slavers. Not long after, the companions arrived, and he joined forces with them in the hopes of finding and saving his sister. (Crimson Waters)


His weapon of choice was a De Lisle rifle, which he and his uncle built from scratch. He also carried a Para-Ordnance 14-45 pistol.



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