A small town/trading post located in Virginia near the ruins of the Virginia Beach Naval Station.

Ryan and companions spent the night in Cords Tavern prior to joining a caravan heading for Front Royal.

Trouble, as follows the group everywhere, found them while they were "enjoying" their meal. Mercenaries lead by Phillipe planned to ambush the companions before Ryan called them out, starting a firefight in the main room of the tavern which resulted in the deaths of all the mercies except one who survived with a gunshot wound. However, he was thrown into the hole, and given twenty lashes (10 for lying to a sec man, 10 for challenging the sec chief's orders)


Rockville was an unincorporated community, prior to Skydark in Hanover County in the Central Region of the U.S. state of Virginia. Rockville was named after early 19th century postmaster, William Rock. Prior to the name "Rockville," the community was named "Dentonsville," after postmaster Allen Denton, the descendent of colonial settler Thomas Denton, whose tavern ("Denton's Tavern") exists today as a private residence. When Allen Denton sold the tavern to William Rock, the name of the community also changed to reflect the new postmaster. The community formerly consisted primarily of farmland.

Notable CitizensEdit

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