Röhm RG-14 Reagan attempted assassination gun

Röhm RG-14, the "saturday night special" used by John Hinkley in the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan

The phrase Saturday night special (SNS) was a slang term used in the United States and Canada for any inexpensive handgun. Saturday night specials have been defined as compact, inexpensive, small-caliber handguns with perceived low quality; however, there is no official definition of "Saturday night special" under federal law, though some states define "Saturday night specials" or "junk guns" by means of composition or materials strength. Low cost and high availability make these weapons attractive to many buyers despite their shortcomings. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, they were commonly referred to as suicide specials.


Due to their numbers and popularity, these handguns were very plentiful in the deathlands.

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