Lizardmen 1&2.png
An example of what a scalie may look like.

Scalies were lizard-like humanoids often with greenish, scaled skin, yellow eyes, and sharp teeth, however other skin colours have been observed. Like most humanoid muties, they eat flesh, preferring it fresh. They can be found in many places in Deathlands, though always near water. A large army of them controls a good portion of southwestern Manhattan, in the ruins of Newyork.

Scalies have scaled skin, and look reptilian. But it is not uncommon to see differences from one group to another. Some Scalies encountered have been incredibly hard to kill, possess no nose or hair and are animalistic. While another group have hair, noses, and are quite intelligent and live in clean neat communities.

An example of reptile men hunting with primitive tools.

Scalies were mutants that were encountered for the first time in the ruins of New York city. There was a huge band of them living on the southern portion of what's left of Manhattan. No less than five hundred of the mutants were part of a huge, organized gang which worked as slavers. They had olive green in colour and had overlapping scales covering their skin. The hands had long fingers ending in wicked claws. The face was vaguely reptilian with an elongated jaw and slit like nose, as well as hooded eyes. The mouth was filled with a double row sharp teeth and they had long sinuous tongue.

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