Sean Sharpe was the baron of a small ville near Washington Hole.


Sharpe was a little over six feet tall, well built, with blonde hair and blue eyes.


He kept a collection of muties (both animal and humanoid) on display for his personal entertainment. When the companions came to him along with a seer named Emma Tyler, he had her, Doc, and Jak captured for inclusion into his zoo. They broke out at the same time that the rest of the companions broke in to free them; Sharpe himself killed Emma Tyler, but was killed in turn by Jak and eaten by one of his muties.

He allowed the group to stay in his ville after they rescued one of his sec men, a man named Joshua Morgan. The man is suffering from schizophrenia and goes from one mood to another. After he sends out his sec men to capture Jak and a Doomie named Emma Tyler, Ryan and J.B. go to rescue them. Sharpe ends up beating the doomie to death and is himself killed when Jak hits him with a throwing knife, right in the mouth, causing him to fall into the exhibit holding his favourite mutant.(Ground Zero)

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