A sec droid stood about six feet tall and had a domed head with two glowing red crystal lenses for eyes and a slit mouth with a hint of sharp teeth. Its arms were prehensile cables, longer than normal for a human of its size, giving it the look of an ape; one hand has two pincers and a clubbing hammer, and the other has four razor-sharp blades. Its feet are tipped with shorter blades which are capable of giving better traction. (Chill Factor, Moon Fate)


Sec Hunter Droid were the most common droids encountered by the companions; their primary function was to track down and kill people (usually the poor sap who stumbles upon them). They are always found in redoubts, armouries, and other military installations; some are inactive until a trigger sets them loose, while others are already active when found. They operate by synching to the target's DNA; once set forth, they can only be stopped by their own destruction or the target's death (in predark times, the guards could use devices to deactivate them, but these are - of course - long lost). They are deadly and can take a lot of punishment before being destroyed.

A card found by Ryan Cawdor in the Project Styx redoubt (the first time any of the companions encounter the droids) reads:

Developed in the late nineties using the latest in cybernetic technology, the sec hunters are the most sophisticated devices known to man and are years ahead of any comparable machinery from the Eastern Bloc. They "sniff out" the genetic body pattern of their prey. Once locked on to that one individual, they will follow and destroy, even though it takes them to the ends of the known world. Nothing short of total destruction will divert them from their lethal purpose.

Warning: During test conditions on the sec hunters it is very dangerous to cross the marked red line. To do so may expose you to a potentially serious threat. If this caution is ignored and death, maiming and harm to personal possessions results, then the Government of the United States declares itself not liable for any, all or several suits for damages arising. In the event of accidental crossing of warning line IMMEDIATELY notify the nearest guard who will negate termination instructions to the devices. You have been warned.


The Sec hunter depends on its two arms as weapons, one arm has pincers and a clubbing hammer, and the other has four razor-sharp blades.




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