Sharona was slim, about 5'9", and very beautiful, with long blonde hair and violet eyes. She was also a nymphomaniac and utterly ruthless - she's not afraid to do anything to achieve her ends.


Sharona Carson, wife of Baron Alias Carson, was once considered one of the most beautiful women in Deathlands. She had a brief fling with Ryan Cawdor when he ran with Trader and the convoy stopped in Towse for gas; their son Dean was born of that union. After Dean was born, she left her husband and traveled around Deathlands on a motorcycle, earning her living as a gaudy whore (Time Nomads).

She caught radiation poisoning some years later and gave Dean to a friend to care for him, then disappeared (Seedling). It was assumed that she had died, but she joined a trading convoy, whose healer fixed her up. Some time later, she started getting "feelings" that she would see her son again, so she left the convoy in a town in the Carolinas and waited for him. They were soon reunited, and she traveled with the companions until they found a redoubt. After Dean showed her how the mat-trans worked, she lured him into the chamber and triggered the mechanism to get him away from Ryan (Separation). Three years later, she and Dean were separated trying to cross a flooded river; he was swept away and lost sight of her (Prodigal's Return).




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