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An example of tentacle hands.

Stickies were believed to have been created by Magus in the mid 2070s and quickly became widespread. They are humanoid in size and form, but are always bald, of low intelligence, and incapable of any speech beyond gabbling, hissing, and hooting (there is one notable exception; see Charlie). They generally have small, slit-like noses, black eyes, and razor-sharp teeth; their bodies are elastic and heal very quickly - blades are very effective against them, as are explosives, but bullets will only kill a stickie if it hits in the head or heart.

Stickies gained their names from the hundreds of tiny suckers on their hands and feet; once attached to a surface, only main strength or the stickie's will can release them - even death often won't relax a stickie's grip. A favourite tactic is to latch onto a victim's face and tear it off the skull.

An example of a hand quite similar to that of a stickie.

They can form cooperative societies, like humans, but view almost every other life form (norms especially) as food. They love fire and explosions - the bigger and louder, the better; often, one can distract a stickie by starting a fire or setting off a grenade. Some stickies are capable of using firearms or even simple weapons, but most prefer to rely on their natural weapons, burying foes under the weight of numbers and tearing them apart with their suckered hands.