Xanadu,as shown in Citizen Kane

Xanadu, as shown in Citizen Kane (1941)

Sun Crest was a ville located in Kansas, based upon the home of a wealthy pre-dark person. Since then it had been built up with fortress wall, and a water-powered hydro station. Prior to the arrival of the Companions Baron Nathan Mandeville took over, and established his control. He and his daughter Marie Mandeville ruled the ville aggressively, their rule was marked by death matches between the worst offenders, with the survivor being allowed to leave the ville with one foot, hand and eye removed. They also enjoyed hunting down human prey, often giving them a fifteen minute head start.

Neighbours to the ville included the mutant Cannies, which were destroyed by the companions, the redoubt, and the Wildwooders, who poached on the baron's lands.

After the companions dispatched the baron and his daughter, the survivors let them go, and they turned towards rebuilding.

Mildred Wyeth compared the ville to San Simeon, the home of William Randolph Hearst, a wealthy pre-dark newspaper publisher, Doc Tanner called it Xanadu. (Cold Asylum)

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