Sunchild novel

Deathlands 56: Sunchild

Author Andy Boot
Illustrator Michael Herring
Publication date December 2001
ISBN 0-373-62566-9
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Shadow Fortress The Skydark Chronicles - Book 3
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Back CoverEdit

Permanent Entropy

After an atomic blast hurled the world into an uncertain future, the past still reaches out in hope... and damnation. In a kill or be killed world, one steadfast group of survivors possesses superior fighting skills and sense of fair play that have made them living legends. In their struggle to seek a better way of life, they are unraveling the powerful secrets of the hell on Earth called Deathlands.

Portal to Hell

A pre-dark legacy of shattering promise lies beneath the ruins of nuke-ravaged Seattle. Ryan Cawdor and his warrior companions come face-to-face with the ancestors of a secret society whose members were convinced that paradise awaited at the centre of the Earth. This cult is inexorably tied to a conspiracy of twentieth-century scientists devoted to fulfilling a vision of genetic manipulation. In this labyrinthine ville, carved from the subterranean passages of a doomed past, some of the descendants of the illuminated ones are pursuing the dream of their legacy - while others are dedicated to its nightmare.

Even in the Deathlands, twisted human beliefs endure...



  • This novel one ofseveral that displays Jak on the cover.




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