Sukie was about 40 years old, 5'6" tall, slim, with blonde hair turning silver.


Susan Smith, aka "Sukie" met Doc while he was wandering around the badlands of New Mexico, trying to "find himself". She was wounded, and he nursed her back to health; they quickly became lovers (Trader Redux). She had been married and widowed four times - everything from Rad Cancer to Suicide; after her last husband kicked off, she decided to head west to find her sister in Hope Springs, Colorado. Doc ended up bringing her back to the ranch to meet his friends, and when the time came for them to move on, he convinced her to go, though she wanted to go see her sister in Colorado.

She was disintegrated when she tried to leave a mat-trans chamber while the jump was in process. All that was left behind was half the heel of one boot, cleanly sliced off (Genesis Echo).




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