An example of what a swampie may resemble.

Ryan and his band first encounter these mutants after leaving the swamp wag they stole and were making their way on foot.

Physically, Swampies are incredibly stocky. They are usually no taller than 5’.2" in height, but weight in excess of 220 pounds. Most swampies possess African American features, with flattened noses and thick lips. Their hair is short and curly and comes in all shades of colour, from black to white, red to yellow. The eyes protrude slightly, and are usually surrounded by ritualistic scaring. They do not have either fingernails or toenails.

The most unusual feature of the swampies is the fact that they possess double sets of organs. Two hearts, four lungs, two stomachs, etc. This makes them very tough to kill. They have gained the nickname : Les morts-vivants. Or the living dead.

Swampies use clothing and carry small crossbows (the bolts are usually poisoned), and large knives. (Neutron Solstice)

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