Tellen was a former inhabitant of the Free City of Denver.

Tellen disagreed with how things were being run, so he attempted to take over. He was exiled from the city and set up his own base of operations, gathering others of like mind to join him. His army was largely wiped out in a confrontation with Denver's forces and those of The Bunker, as well as his own stickies that got out of control.

He fled the battle with the baron's daughter, but Ryan saved her and drove Tellen's vehicle over a cliff, jumping free at the last second. Tellen survived the fall, though he was badly injured, and made his way back to his headquarters. With his army was gone, and Magus was waiting for him - it turned out that Magus was backing him from the beginning. When he returned to report his failure, Magus took Tellen into his lab, saying that he would be "the first to receive the gifts I can give." (Perception Fault)

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