The Mars Arena

Deathlands #38: The Mars Arena

Author Mel Odom
Illustrator Michael Herring
Publication date August 1997
ISBN 0-373-62538-3
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Demons of Eden
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In the ruins of Las Vegas, Ryan Cawdor enters the blood-soaked arena of regional barons to reclaim his son's life.


The nuclear firestorms had swept away the hatreds and the power struggles that had dominated the Earth for decades. But no hoped-for better reality was born in that blighted landscape. In a lawless and maddened world, blood and violence remained a means to survival -- and power.


In the harsh territory near what used to be the Western badlands, Ryan Cawdor and his crew join the search for the wreck of a crashed space station. But in the ruins of Las Vegas he falls prey to a maelstrom of violence. Hostage in a bitter war between regional barons, Ryan finds that even his best effort is an odds-even gamble, and that his son's life may depend on the whims of destiny.

Deathlands is a conspiracy against survival....



  • In The Mars Arena, Dean is attacked by a creature in a pool of water; it has several tentacles (one with three eyes) and a mollusk-like shell housing a large mouth. Dungeons & Dragons players might notice that this creature bears a suspicious resemblance to an otyugh (a creature with short stubby legs, two long arm-tentacles, a shorter one with two eyes, and a large mouth on the underside of its body). It's worth noting here that Mel Odom, the author, has also written several D&D novels.




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