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Stairs leading out of main hall, Chicago Union Station

Stairs leading out of the main hall at Chicago Union Station.

The Untouchables was a 1987 American crime drama film directed by Brian De Palma and written by David Mamet. Based on the book The Untouchables, the film stars Kevin Costner as government agent Eliot Ness. It also stars Robert De Niro as gang leader Al Capone and Sean Connery as Irish-American officer Jimmy Malone (based on the real life agent and member of the "Untouchables" Irish-American Marty Lahart). The film follows Ness' autobiographical account of the efforts of him and his Untouchables to bring Capone to justice during Prohibition. The Grammy Award-winning score was composed by Ennio Morricone and features some period-correct music by Duke Ellington.

The Untouchables was released on June 3, 1987, and received positive reviews. Observers praised the film for its approach, as well as its direction. The film was also a financial success, grossing $76 million domestically. The Untouchables was nominated for four Academy Awards, of which Connery received one for Best Supporting Actor.


  • A scene in Red Equinox, where Ryan shoots up a bunch of people in the market, and a baby carriage goes rolling down the stairs, is likely based on the movie The Untouchables (which, ironically, stole that scene from a Russian propaganda film called Battleship Potemkin).
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