Ti-Ra'Wa was a valley in Wyoming sacred to the Lakota.

Ti Ra Wa, was fabled valley of paradise. Touch the Sky, Joe, brings Ryan and his people to the valley to help him fight his battle against the wolf soldiers so he can claim control and use the power of the earth to heal the Deathlands. During the fighting, many of the soldiers on both sides are killed, and the Valley it's self is heavily damaged when Joe starts a fire to try and burn out his enemies. Once Joe is killed and Ryan's group is allowed to leave, they are told never to return. (Demons of Eden)


Atius Tirawa, which means "Father Above" in the Pawnee language, was the Creator god He was believed to have taught the Pawnee people tattooing, fire-building, hunting, agriculture, speech and clothing, religious rituals (including the use of tobacco and sacred bundles), and sacrifices. He was associated with most natural phenomena, including stars and planets, wind, lightning, rain, and thunder. The wife of Tirawa was Atira, goddess of the Earth. Atira was associated with corn.

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