Time Line

1861-1865: US Civil War.

1868: February 14th: Theophilus Tanner is born.

1891: Doctor Tanner marries his sweetheart Emily

1893: Doctor Tanners first child Rachel Tanner is born.

1895: Doctor Tanners second child Jolyon Tanner is born.

1914-1918: WWI

1939-1945: WWII

1964: December 17th. Mildred Wyeth is born.

1965: Mildred Wyeth's father is killed by the KKK

2001: Skydark.

2026: Nuclear winter ends.

2043: The man know as Trader is born

2056: John Barrymore Dix is born in Cripple Creek.

2056: Abe is born.

2061: Ryan Cawdor is born to Titus and lady Cynthia Cawdor

2074: Krysty Wroth is born in the ville of Harmony Colorado to Sonja Wroth

2081: Jak Lauren is born in West Lowellton, Louisiana.

2081: Ryan Cawdor joins Traders convoy.

2082: J.B.Dix joins Traders convoy.

2086: Dean Carson/Cawdor is born to Sharona Carson.

2095: Doc Tanner arrives in the Deathlands just outside the ville of Mocsin.

2096: January. The Deathlands Saga begins with the novel Pilgrimage to hell.

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