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Time Line

1861-1865: US Civil War.

1868: February 14th: Theophilus Tanner is born.

1891: Doctor Tanner marries his sweetheart Emily

1893: Doctor Tanners first child Rachel Tanner is born.

1895: Doctor Tanners second child Jolyon Tanner is born.

1914-1918: WWI

1939-1945: WWII

1964: December 17th. Mildred Wyeth is born.

1965: Mildred Wyeth's father is killed by the KKK

2001: Skydark.

  • A group of British scientists are trapped in the Arctic circle when the holocaust occurs. They have no way of getting home and little hope of survival, so they join a local Inuit tribe.
  • The Russian cruiser The Red Star of Glory becomes trapped in the ice in the Arctic Circle. The crew is permanently stranded.
  • Victor Boldt and his father take refuge inside a bolthole located deep in the English countryside. They sleep for decades. His father's chamber suffers from a malfunction, and he dies.
  • A small contingent of guards located at the Spearpoint redoubt begin to patrol the area outside it. They keep patrolling for many decades. The guards eventually become badly inbred over the generations.
  • Jul: Alpha and Epsilon are born in artificial wombs inside the Guadalupe redoubt.

2002: A skeleton staff of soldiers and support personnel in The Anthill begin preparations to survive as long as possible. Certain members begin to undergo surgery being implanted with cybernetic enhancements.

  • Jan: Epsilon dies in an accident in the Guadalupe redoubt. The staff members of the redoubt begin to suffer from nightmares and anxiety.
  • Jul: Alpha begins to read voraciously, spending most of his time studying ancient Egypt. One of the staff members nicknames him Hell Eyes. He is found dead a week later. Over the course of the next year and a half, four more members of the staff die in "accidents".

2004: Alpha reachs the physical age of sixteen and takes Connaught O'Brien as his mate.

2006: Major Drake Burroughs and his men finally gain total control of the White Sands facility in New Mexico.

2008 (Jan 18th): Alpha is placed into suspended animation until he's ready to awaken and become the ruler of the Deathlands. The staff of the Guadalupe redoubt leave on a long walk into the desert to die.

2025 or 2026: Nuclear winter ends.

2030: A group of genetically engineered vampires known simply as "the Family" emerge from Redoubt 47, in the heart of the Louisiana bayou. They move into a Gothic mansion on the outskirts of Brampton and use the town as a feeding ground.

2039: The descendants of the trapped Russian sailors from The Red Star of Glory begin to trade with the local Inuit tribes in the Arctic.

2041 or 2043: The man know as Trader is born.

2042: Titus Cawdor takes over control of Front Royal from his father.

2048: Straub is born (location unknown).

2053: The cryonics wing of the Crichton Institute collapses, destroying the entire section and all the equipment stored there.

2056: John Barrymore Dix is born in Cripple Creek.

  • Abe is born (location unknown).

2057: Victor Boldt awakens from cryosleep and begins to clone people for his fortress, which is run by the computer known as Merlin. He plans to eventually release a plague on the world in what he calls "The Great Uprooting".

2059: Poseidon is born in Georgia.

2061: Ryan Cawdor is born to Titus and lady Cynthia Cawdor.

  • Trader discovers his first stockpile and begins to exploit these caches of predark goods.

2062: Cynthia Cawdor dies of the bloody flux.

2065: Trader, Marsh Folsom, and several of their friends discover an explosives depot in north of the Great Lakes. After one of his friends, a man named Wyoming Johnny, accidentally sets off a hand grenade, they barely make it out when the entire places blows. Wyoming is killed in the blast.

2066: J.B. Dix is caught in a cave-in in the Lucky Chance Mine. He barely escapes with his life.

2067: Christina Ballinger is born in New Mexico.

2068: The Crichton Institute suffers a major loss as an electrical fire wipes out its medical library, forever destroying any knowledge stored there regarding surgical procedures.

2074: Krysty Wroth is born in the ville of Harmony Colorado to Sonja Wroth.

2075: Nathan Freeman, Morgan's son, is born.

  • Morgan Cawdor is killed by his younger brother Harvey Cawdor. The attack is made to look like it was by mutant marauders. Morgan's wife Guenema disappeared shortly afterward, and a local family takes in the child to protect him.

2076: Ryan Cawdor flees Front Royal after Harvey tries to kill him. With all his relatives dead and his nephew Nathan too young to oppose him, Harvey takes control of Front Royal.

2078: Mutant wars rage across the Deathlands. Baron Willie Elijah organizes the East Coast Baronies to fight off the threat. A young Ryan Cawdor joins the mercenary army to fight the mutants. Ryan discovers that he enjoys the killing and it scares him, so he deserts and leaves the baron's land. Willie puts a price on his head for the desertion.

2080: Lori Quint is born to the inbred keepers of Redoubt Zulu, Quint and Rachel.    Late in the year, Akhnaton awakens and begins his wait for followers to appear.

2081: Danielson is kicked out of Trader's convoy for hoarding predark goods. He sets up a small community called Fort Fubar in the Mojave Desert and draws other people to it.

2081 or 2082: Jak Lauren is born in West Lowellton, Louisiana.

2082: J.B.Dix joins Traders convoy.

2083: Akhnaton emerges from the Guadalupe redoubt. He influences two men and a woman (Danielson and his companions) to become his worshippers and to take him back to Fort Fubar. He makes worshippers out of the people there, and they head to his holy city of Aten. He takes the woman as a mate.

2085: JB Dix joins Trader's convoy.

  •  The events related in Time Nomads take place.
  •  A band of stickies captured by Gert Wolfram are freed by Trader and his men. When one of the females attacks, all but one of the stickies (a young boy named Charlie) are killed.

2086: Gert Wolfram and Magus pass through Baron Zeal's refinery at Virtue Lake and are forced to leave behind several of their acts in order to continue.

2086 or 2087: Dean Carson/Cawdor is born to Sharona Carson, and Ryan Cawdor.

2087: Victor Boldt begins to hunt down and kill the children that were born to his cloned people. He has the bodies burned as punishment.

2088: Doc Kirkland leaves the ruins of Newyork and heads south, eventually setting up the ville of Hazard.

2089: Admiral Poseidon begins to rebuild the King's Point Naval Station in Georgia and hires mercenaries to staff his base. At this time he discovers that he has a working Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine and a Tomahawk missile lacking a warhead.

2090: The Freedom Mall reopens and begin to attract both merchants and shoppers. The ruins are quickly refurbished, and it soon becomes a small self-contained city.

2091: Krysty Wroth leaves Harmony ville to explore the Deathlands; she and her mother separate on uneasy terms.

  • Sonja Wroth disappears from Harmony without a trace.

2092: The Children of the Rock begin to kidnap the children of Apaches to help replace their own dead or mutated children. This begins a long feud between the two groups.

2093: Stickies first appear.

  •   The psi-mutants known as the Chosen begin to steal female children from nearby communities in order to keep their gene pool healthy.

2094: Akhnaton takes his mate to the Guadalupe redoubt to impregnate her once again so he could have a son. She dies in the process and Akhnaton, devastated, goes into seclusion.

2095: Doc Tanner arrives in the Deathlands just outside the ville of Mocsin.

2096: January. The Deathlands Saga begins with the novel Pilgrimage to hell.

  • Akhnaton comes out of seclusion and announces that his daughter Nefron is not the true heir to his empire, and that sometime in the near future, his true queen will arrive and bear his true heir. For several weeks there is rebellion and his daughter seems to be leading it. The rebellion is put down and Nefron is stripped of her position. Construction of Akhnaton's pyramid begins.
  •   Late Jan, early Feb: The events related in Red Holocaust take place.
  •   Feb: The events related in Neutron Solstice take place.
  •   Late Feb: The events related in Crater Lake take place.
  •   Late Mar: The events related in Homeward Bound take place.
  •   May: Cort Strasser takes control of Fort Security in New Mexico.
  •   June: Lars Hellstrom sets up the ville of Helskel.
  •   June: An earthquake badly damages a toxic waste storage facility near Markland, Minnesota, poisoning the land around it.
  •   Mid-Aug: Major Zimyanin receives a promotion to Major Commissar for his success destroying the Narodniki.
  •   Sep 17th: The events related in Pony Soldiers take place.
  •   Late Sep: The General sets up shop in the J.C. Wright Caverns in New Mexico and slowly begins to attract a band of killers to his side.
  •   Sep 28th-Oct 6th: The events in related in Dectra Chain take place.
  •   Admiral Poseidon kills Shauna Watson's husband. He decides to institute monthly tributes from the peaceful commune Shauna runs.
  •   Oct 12th-19th: The events related in Ice and Fire take place.
  •   Oct. 19th-27th: The events related in Red Equinox take place.
  •   Late Oct: Major-Commissar Zimyanin takes over a sulfur mine in Canada and uses the gate in the nearby redoubt to send slaver teams throughout Deathlands to bring back workers.
  •   Oct 27th-Nov 4th: The events related in Northstar Rising take place.
  •   Nov 4th-Nov 17th: The events related in Time Nomads take place.
  •   Nov 17th-27th: The events related in Latitude Zero take place.
  •   Late Nov: Kate Webb and her grandfather Cody are captured by Major-Commissar Zimyanin's slavers.
  •   Nov 27th-Dec 2nd: The events related in Seedling take place.

2097   Jan: Dr. Silas Jamaisvous arrives in the Puerto Rican redoubt. Over the next several months he works on the gateway, testing it with the chupacabras, sending them back in time. Only a few make it to the past intact.

  •   Mid-June: Adam Traven arrives in Greenglades ville with his eight young followers. He gets Boss Larry Zapp hooked on dreem and slowly begins to wrest control of the ville from Larry.
  •   Aug 2nd-10th: The events related in Dark Carnival take place.
  •   Aug 11th-16th: The events related in Chill Factor take place.
  •   Aug 16th-Oct 26th: The events related in Moon Fate take place.
  •   Sep (?): The crew of the space station Enterprise dies of a mysterious disease.
  •   Oct 8th: The General and his gang of bandits begin to terrorize southern New Mexico.
  •   Late Oct: Jenny is born to Christina Ballinger and Jak Lauren.
  •   Kaa escapes from Willie ville and begins to gather his army of stickies, using knowledge he gained from reading books stored in Baron Willie Elijah's library. He also learns how to control the gateways.
  •   Oct 26th-30th: The events related in Fury's Pilgrims take place.
  •   Oct 30th-Nov 10th: The events related in Shockscape take place.

  2098   Jan: Lord Mashashige and his men discover the gateway below the US embassy in Japan and begin to use it.

  •   Early May: Abe finds himself in the Pacific Northwest, near the ruins of Seattle. One night while in a bar in the ville of Andromeda, he is set upon by a couple of local thugs and is rescued by his old leader, Trader.
  •   Mid May: Trader and Abe begin to send out messages with traders in the hopes that one of them will finally reach Ryan Cawdor.
  •   A group of ghoulies find a way into a mortuary redoubt in Kansas and begin to feast on the preserved dead.    Jun 10th-23rd: The events related in Deep Empire take place.
  •   Jun 23rd-26th: The events related in Cold Asylum take place.
  •   Jun 26th-Jul 1st: The events related in Twilight Children take place.
  •   July 2nd-14th: The events related in Rider, Reaper take place.
  •   July 14th-Aug 30th: The events related in Road Wars take place.
  •   Sep 1st-18th: The events related in Trader Redux take place.
  •   Mid Sep: The Red Cadre ambushes a group of Cheyenne. Due to the fact that the ville of Amicus relies on trade from the various tribes, the Red Cadre is forced to leave the ville, vowing revenge.
  •   Sep 19th-23rd: The events related in Genesis Echo take place.
  •   Sep 24th-27th: The events related in Shadowfall take place.
  •   Sep 27th-Oct 6th: The events related in Ground Zero take place.
  •   Oct 7th-18th: The events related in Emerald Fire take place.
  •   Oct 19th-24th: The events related in Bloodlines take place.
  •   Oct 25th-Nov 3rd: The events related in Crossways take place.
  •   Nov 3rd-9th: The events related in Keepers of the Sun take place.

  2099   Late Apr: The stickies in a Tennessee mining camp under the control of Gert Wolfram and Magus revolt and escape, forcing the two to recruit sec men to hunt down the slaves and capture or kill them.

  •   May 1st-10th: The events related in Circle Thrice take place.
  •   May 10th-28th: The events related in Eclipse at Noon take place.
  •   May 28th-Jul 6th: The events related in Stoneface take place.
  •   Jul 6th-Jul ??: The events related in Bitter Fruit take place.
  •   Jul ??-Jul 19th: The events related in Skydark take place.
  •   Jul 20th: Johnson Lester is pulled from the burning wreckage of the Freedom Mall and nursed back to health by a stickie. He has been horribly burned and no longer looks human. The loss of his looks, as well as his home and status, has destroyed his mind. He builds up a small army of mutants to continue Kaa's quest for destruction.
  •   Jul 20th-Aug 8th: The events related in Demons of Eden take place.
  •   Aug 9th-Aug 21st: The events related in The Mars Arena take place.
  •   Aug 21st-Sep 5th: The events related in Watersleep take place.
  •   Sep 6th-13th: The events related in Nightmare Passage take place.
  •   Sep 14th-18th: The events related in Freedom Lost take place.
  •   Sep 18th-22nd: The events related in Way of the Wolf take place.
  •   Sep 23rd-27th: The events related in Dark Emblem take place.
  •   Sep 27th-Oct 4th: The events related in Crucible of Time take place.
  •   Oct 12th-20th: The events related in Starfall take place.
  •   Oct 21st-27th: The events related in Gemini Rising take place.

  2102: The events related in Prodigal's Return take place.