Trader's Note for RyanEdit

Near the end of Pilgrimage to Hell , when Trader left the convoy, he left a note behind for Ryan . Ryan immediatly knew Trader had been planning this for a time because Trader could neither read or write.

"Hi Ryan,

If you're reading this, then it means I'm dead. This rad cancer's been eating my guts for months and I know there's no stopping it. So this is me saying goodbye and the best of luck. If it goes the way I hope, I'll just walk away one night so don't you blasted come after me. Please. That's the Trader asking and not ordering, Ryan, old friend. We've been some places and done some good and bad things. Now it's done. That's all. I thank you for watching my back for so many years. You and J.B. watch for each other."

Trader left his note unsigned.

Trader's Note for AbeEdit

In Deep Empire , when Trader learned that Abe was looking for him, he left a note with a hunter for Abe.


Glad the mutie bobcat didn't chill you. Always sleep with one eye and two ears open. Known for some weeks you been on my trail. Should've known couldn't just walk out on life like I hoped. Still rather be lost and stayed lost. No point weeping on account of a spent round. Time you read this, I'll be moved on some. But not far. Reckon we might meet soonish, Abe, and jaw over old times, like old men does. Watch your back.


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