Uchitel was the leader of the Russian invaders into Alaska, the Narondniki.

He was utterly ruthless and feared even by his marauders, who were themselves hard men and women. When he learned that his group was pursued by Major Gregori Zimyanin, he decided to head for America and loot the wealth supposedly found there. After J.B. used an ancient missile discovered in the ruins of a mining camp, near one of the DEW line Radar Installations, to destroy an intact dam, wiping out all but three of his raiders. Krysty Wroth executed him as he attempted to draw a hidden weapon. He was nearly six feet tall, with almond shaped eyes, his irises were golden. His mouth was thick lipped and kindly. Around his forehead he wore a band of beaten silver which had a large ruby in its center. His nickname was ‘The Teacher’ because he was the pretty much the only one of the band who could read and write.

Uchitel was bald, had golden eyes, and wore a silver circlet around his brow.

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