Victor Boldt was the prince of Wildroot, a ville in England. Before the bombs fell, his father had a plan to unleash a bio-engineered form of bubonic plague on the earth, wiping out humanity; he and Victor would go into cryosleep and wait it out, then repopulate the earth with frozen sperm and eggs. Skydark halted his plans, but they still got into the cryochambers. The father's tube malfunctioned and he died, but Victor awoke 50 years later. He founded Wildroot and, with the help of Merlin, a supercomputer, began creating a small population of people, some of whom got tired of the oppression and rebelled.

When the companions encountered a boy being chased by his men, Mildred was captured, and her friends went back to rescue her. At the same time, the rebels rose up and a small army from a nearby ville attacked. Boldt was killed by Ryan shortly after setting the countdown timer to unleash the plague (Bitter Fruit).





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