Capitol building

Ruins of Washington DC after nuclear exchange. For comparison purposes. Taken from Fallout Wikia.

Washington Hole, was the current name for the ruins of Washington D.C.

The remains of Washington, D.C., which is little more than a radioactive crater filled with rubble overshadowed by a small volcano. The Potomac River had changed course, and backed up, creating Potomac Lake.

This is where it all began on January 20, 2001. The first nukes when off here, triggering the Skydark. The city was decimated, it was hit so hard and so many times that all that was left is a ten mile wide, incredibly radioactive crater. Many of the suburbs survived the attack, and, as it is with all major cities, life slowly returned to the suburbs. The ruins near the crater are avoided as they house incredibly mutated and deadly life forms. On the outskirts of the city a volcano erupted and created a mountain that is now nearly five thousand feet in height and miles across at it's base.

The villes that arose from the ashes included Sweet William, which was the largest of them, Broken Heart another, to the north, and Green Hill, which was the home of the Lincoln Inn.


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