Wetherill Springs was typical of thousands of frontier pesthole villes. There was a narrow main street that choked in dust during the summer, and drowned in thick, black glutinous mud throughout the rest of the year.

The boardwalk was mostly rotted through and was lined by tumbling, leaning houses. There were a couple of stores, remnants of a church or a school, a row of outdoor privies with their fetid odors and swarms of glistening flies, a saloon with bat's-wing doors and stinking brass cuspidors that overflowed onto the stained planks of the floor. Most time you found that the gaudy and the drinker were in the same building. Occasionally it might have a name like The Silver Dollar or The Lucky Chance.

Ryan and JB visited along with Ellie Kissoon, and her daughters, in order to see their show. Things got out of hand when one of the locals attacked the tiger after the show. Many people were injured, and Ryan and his friends fled northwards quickly. (Road Wars)

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