Komsomol poster 1933

1933 Komsomol poster.

The Wolf Pack was a group of murderous children who are used by the party to hunt down and kill undesirable types.

After witnessing a small pack kill a old and disabled man, Ryan knew to keep his eye out for them. While trying to get some food, he ran into a separate pack. The leader, a young girl of thirteen tries to force him to reveal his face. He grabbed her and shot her through the back of the neck killing the little monster. He then fires into the pack, killing another eight. A small pack of eighteen of these pint sized killers are sent into the Mansion where Ryan's party was held up. After detonating a Magnesium grenade, Ryan and J.B. go around and executed them one at a time. (Red Equinox)


Superficially the Wolf Packs resembled the Komsomol, the communist youth league.

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