Osedax roseus

A real Zombie Worm for comparison.

Zombie worms are native to a small area in Canada, where they live in the soil. They burrow into living or dead flesh, taking over physical control of the body and forcing it to attack living beings, seeking to infect them as well. (Hell Road Warriors)


Osedax was a genus of deep-sea siboglinid polychaetes, commonly called boneworms, zombie worms, or bone-eating worms. Osedax was Latin for "bone-eating". The name alludes to how the worms bore into the bones of whale carcasses to reach enclosed lipids, on which they rely for sustenance.

Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute using the submarine ROV Tiburon first discovered the genus in Monterey Bay, California, in February 2002. The worms were found living on the bones of a decaying gray whale in the Monterey Canyon, at a depth of 2,893 m (9,491 ft).

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